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In their never-ending effort to raise money, homeless shelters proclaim to help the homeless. Plans and programs are developed and presented with claims of success and requests for more money.

Talking to homeless people however, it becomes apparent that most shelters are not set up to address their needs but rather pursue a self-serving mission.

For years I have observed the “operation” of one particular shelter. People that, in good faith, came to this shelter were mistreated and abused by those who proclaimed to be their savior.

The law provides no protection and the “if you don’t like it here go somewhere else” attitude is used very liberal. It is easy to abuse the abused and to break the broken, but those working in shelters claiming to help should have a different attitude. I know many people don’t want to hear what I have to say, it is just easier to look the other way and pretend everything is alright.  As it is in many situations, accepting the truth might inconvenience us. It is just easier not to acknowledge the neighbor is beating his wife.

Even though the management team has changed, not much else has and I hear about mistreatment and unfair practices by other shelters.

To protect the guilty and the innocent I shall refer to this particular shelter as “The Keep”.

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